Bioptron Light Therapy is an exciting patented technology that offers cost effective  treatments for a variety of skin conditions. 

 Based on Nobel Prize winning Discovery Bioptron Light Therapy has no substitution for  many facials and skin care treatments.

  Light plays extremely important role in our lives. 
  We know there is no life without light.
  Light is the main source of energy for human cells.
  Since ancient times light has been known to promote healing and remedy.

  But there is more to BIOPTRON Light:

  ⇒  It activates skin cells
  ⇒ It improves body's defense system
  ⇒ It stimulates healing processes

The successful use of light in medicine has a long history.
Ancient civilizations, the Greeks and the Egyptians understood the importance of light and its healing effects for our health. "Heliotherapy" was the first natural Light Therapy successfully used as an effective medical treatment for preventing & healing various medical conditions.  

Hippocrates, a Greek scientist, the father of modern medicine (460BC-370BC) used to say:
    "Vis medicatrix lux" - Honor the healing power of light.

The early development stages of Photo-Medicine (Photonics) were using mostly infrared and ultraviolet parts of the spectrum.
In the early 1980's, a research team of scientists created a light source that was originally based on low-energy laser therapy but actually worked with almost the whole range of visible light and a portion of infrared light.
The polarization of light was considered an important parameter responsible for bio-stimulative effects. ​
The BIOPTRON Light Therapy System is based on this technology. 

In 1893, the Danish physician Niels Ryberg Finsen developed one of the first devices capable 
of producing technically synthesized "sunlight". 
Technically synthesized light has clear advantages: its intensity and emitted light spectrum are controllable.
From 1895 to 1903, he treated more than 950 patients with lupus vulgaris (tuberculosis of the skin) using filtered, technically synthesized "sunlight".
In 1903 he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine for his research in light therapy and his exceptional therapeutic achievements. Dr. Finsen therefore is considered the founder of modern light therapy. 
 Dr. Niels Ryberg Finsen, Danish Physician & Nobel Prize Winner, 1903
is one of the leading manufacturers of light therapy devices in the world today. The company is dedicated to long-term, in-depth research and development, as well as to the production of unique medical devices the BIOPTRON Light Therapy System.  
The Company  goal is to consolidate our position as market leader and promote the international acceptance of light therapy through the constant application of innovative solutions and advancements.​
Since its merger with Zepter International, more than 2.5 million devices  have succeeded in satisfying their users​.
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