Young Again LED

LED | Monochromatic Light Therapy System

The Young Again  Method ® is a result of intensive international medical research, delivering a strong antiaging action through the physiological production of collagen and elastin. It's a powerful method to reduce formation of wrinkles and have a more supple, glowing and younger skin.

Young Again ® is the only patented technology in wich the benefits of high pressure light 
> 100mW  /cm²  is exploited at 100%. 
Working at a minimal distance (5-10 mm), tissues receive all the energy emitted without any dispersion ► Learn More 


 Young Again ® is the only LED Light Therapy technology in which the benefits of light and energy are exploited at 100 %

 LED is acting at optimum distance of 5-10mm, this  skin tissues receive all the energy  emitted without any dispersion.

 Young Again ® devices are patented around the world and TGA cerified in Australia.

ESPANSIONE Group is an Italian Company,  was founded in 1981.
The company is based on fundamental principal to  provide customers with certified medical technologies and exceptional know-hows.

The Group designs, manufactures and distributes a wide range of light therapy medical devices and equipment for the beauty and aesthetical medicine fields thanks to a number of medical certifications including TGA Australian Health Safety Regulations. 

ESPANSIONE products  are also present in major Italian  clinics with extremely sophisticated diagnostic equipment, in particular in the fields of Ophthalmology, Neurosurgery and Plastic Surgery.

A fundamental principle of ESPANSIONE Group has always been to bring together the best technological experience and meet the needs of both the medical and the beauty markets based on a wealth of knowledge built in over 30 years of activity.

 Young Again ® Facial Mask Treatment Video
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