is the only patented LED Masks Technology in which the benefits of high pressure light and heat are exploited at 100%.
Working at a minimal distance (5-10 mm), skin tissues receive all the emitted energy without any dispersion.


a. by creation of PHOTOBIOSTIMULATION phenomena 
The light delivery re-charges the ATP and dynamically improves chemical reactions of all skin cells.
It stimulates production of collagen and elastin.Through Young Again ® Technology, the red light is absorbed by mitochondria and stimulates ATP, increasing cellular action and enhancing it’s activity.
Cells start to act at an optimum rate stimulating:
Cellular activity, Cell regeneration, production of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin.

b. be creation of  PHOTOEUDERMIA effect, which is in turn:
⇒ Optimizes  absorption of cosmetic products
⇒ Increases Cellular receptivity to skin care products

​Different wavelengths generated by Young Again® Technology
target specific skin concerns and conditions.

Young Again® technology has option of 4 different LED masks:
• Blue  • Red  • Yelow  • Infrared

Each LED mask is designed to work on specific skin conditions through a 15 minute process of high-pressure light emission  > 100mW  /cm² on srecific skin  layers.

Medically developed LED light therapy for aging and damaged skin is one of the latest skincare treatments to assist in energizing, repairing and renewing skin cells, stimulating collagen and elastin; providing the skin more youthful appearance!

Optimal Polychromatic Light | IPL 

is a broad-spectrum light from which all non-relevant wavelengths are excluded.
OPE is based on a highly customizable technology to  simultaneously target several objectives, such us: 
⇒ stimulation, remodelling, rebuilding of the skin tissues
⇒ Unwanted hair removal (depilation)
The heat produced by polychromatic light stimulation, produces a revulsive action able to stimulate collagen production, reduce the skin hyperpigmentation and small capillaries.
The combined effect of these actions enables the OPE® medical technology to be used in numerous fields of application, such us: photoaging, deep tissue regeneration, protect against skin damage, removal of unwanted hair folicles without any damage to the surrounding tissues.
The same technology properly implemented in professional aesthetics provides guaranteed results with complete safety and in complience with industry standards for unwanted hair removal  (depilation).

The interaction between intense pulsed light (IPL) and the hair folicle is essentially thermal and thanks to the management software integrated in the equipment the results are optimized by analyzing each client's peculiar skin parameters.

no need of any external cooling tool, due to the cooling system integrated into the handpiece;
Does not require the use of gel, thanks to the software that optimizes the energy parameters of the equipment;
Ease of use of the equipment: thanks to a highly intuitive software. The operator acquires familiarity and is able to work safely and effectively from the first treatment, without any uncertainties or risks;
Numerous control sensors on the equipment functions to avoid any error: including optical pigmentation sensor, wavelength sensor, monitoring of filters consumption;
Automatic calibration of the power emitted in relation to various parameters (skin type, hair color and thickness);
Large covering emission  area  (12.5 cm² ) which allows both radiating vast areas and localized areas, thanks to the specific spot reducers;
Filters with wavelengths between 600 and 1200 nm with certified and guaranteed constant emission throughout the life of the cartridge. An additional inert filter, unchangeable in time, limits the heat effect on the surface.
THE EMISSION AREA is large  (12.5 cm²)  enables a wide surface to be treated:
390 nm Phototherapy
550 nm Skin Rejuvenation
570 nm Hair Removal (light skin)
630 nm Hair Removal (dark skin) 


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