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The origin of Mesoporation was Electroporation.
Originally, Electroporation is a way to make cell membranes more permeable so as to infuse active ingredients deeper into the skin.

Due to the created voltage field, the transformation rate of active ingredients is very high.
This effect was discovered by physicists Neumann and Zimmermann in 1974.

In 2003, both scientists were awarded the Nobel Prize for their discovery of opening moisture channels between cells, through the generation of an electrical voltage field.

This system is now in use in medicine and molecular biology to enhance the delivery process of active ingredients.


The Mesoporation is an innovative and highly effective way to improve the skin.
The Method is Simple but absolutely Brilliant !

Mesoporation allows to carry out a modern and effective treatment by infusing active, high-molecular substances into the skin, making it tighter, at the same time providing  lifting and rejuvenating effect.

The modern technology of Mesoporation combines the scientific advances of already known Electroporation and Mesotherapy, but leaves out the troublesome side effects of pain and skin injury.

•Use of the Roll-on-System

⇒ extremely high amount of active ingredients are infused  in to the skin.

Use of the Meso-Gold-Roller ( no needles)

⇒stimulates the metabolism activation of the lymph flow.

• Use of être belle products

⇒ Meso-Hyaluronic Ampoule  
⇒ Meso-Liposome Ampoule     

Classic Mesotherapy

Active ingredients are delivered through many small injections through the skin. This injection technique was decisive for more intensive delivery of active ingredients.
Downsides of Classic Mesotherapy:
Injections are painful
Formation of swelling, skin hives and redness. 
Because of these undesirable side effects, a new mesotherapy method was developed called Mesoporation.
Advantages of Mesoporation vs. Classical Mesotherapy

The transmission of the amount of active ingredients is extremely high.
Application completely painless
Immediately visible results
No pain by numerous pinholes
No skin injuries
No development of hematoma
No following risk of infection
Effects of  Mesoporation
Rapid penetration of active ingredients through the opening of moisture channels
Emergence of moisture deposits in the skin 
Wrinkles are plumped up from the inside tightening the tissue
Applications of Mesoporation

• Skin Rejuvenation
• Reduction of wrinkles
• Smoothing of scars
• Tightens the tissue

1. Meso XS

The device  body is made of high quality aluminium with 
Microprocessor Control panel
LCD Display with back light for easy operation.
Output level 37 V
Rotation frequency: 2kHz
Power supply: 220 V 
2. Meso- Roller (Gilded)

The Meso-roller for intensive incorporation of the active compounds is gold gilded.
The treatment is flexible cable and the connectors are also used in medical technology.
3. Roll-On System with two Ampoules

a. Hyaluronic ampoule  b.  Liposome ampoule
The roll-on head for introducing the active compounds is made of stainless steel.
Without needles is an extremely high amount of active ingredients can be delivered  into the skin.
4. Bracelet with negative electrode

If the negative electrode to the closure of the current circuit
a bracelet made of medical technology
Made in Germany
In treatment être belle products

PHASE 1 → Meso Hyaluronic Ampoule

Opens the moisture channels by  infusion of Meso-Hyaluronic ampoule with the roll-on system into the skin
PHASE 2  Meso Hyaluronic Ampoule

Stimulation with the Meso-Roller.

Stimulation of the tissue with the Meso-Roller
(5 to 10 minutes depending on the depth of wrinkles)
PHASE 3 → Meso Liposome Ampoule

Delivering active ingredients in to the skin with Roll-on System
PHASE 4 → Meso Liposome  Ampoule

Stimulation with the Meso-Roller to finish up the treatment 


Mesoporation Presentation

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