Black Caviar Facial Set

Three  selected products with precious Black Caviar in a set for supplying  more power to the skin.
The set consists of two black caviar active charcoal fleece masks plus soothing and visually fascinating power serum, acting like a kick of freshness to the skin.

Together  with deeply moisturizing facial cream all three products stimulate the cell metabolism actively and ensures a greater skin elasticity, skin moisture and tonicity.

The cocktail of minerals, trace elements and the full power of the ocean gives tired skin new freshness and counteracts premature skin aging.

The Set contains:
a. Black Caviar Power Mask x 2 Ct.
b. Black Caviar Power Pearls Moisturizing Serum x 1 Ct.
c. Black Caviar Power Cream, 24h Face Care Cream  x 1 Ct.
Ref. 3580 Price : RRP $126