Blue Light

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It's not news for many beauty professionals that Blue-Violet light is very effective to treat acne inflamed skin. There is much scientific evidence to show that Blue-Violet light eliminates bacteria-causing acne. In fact, medical practices use ultraviolet light to sterilize surgery rooms, but we cannot use it because it damages the skin and may cause skin cancer.
However, Blue-Violet spectrum is absolutely safe and at the same time effectively eliminates bacteria.

   Unfortunately, not many beauty professionals know about the fact that LED Blue light is very short-sited and usually won't work in the distance of more than a few centimeters.

Moreover most of the Blue-Violet light emission is lost by reflecting off the skin surface. On the contrary, long wave emissions like Red Light (Infrared and Microwaves) have zero reflection factor and can easily penetrate through the skin tissues even from a distance.

   Therefore, the emitter of Blue-Violet light (like LED) has to be placed as close to skin as close as possible or even better, in direct contact with the skin (similarly to ultrasound devices).
The best examples of it could be LED Mask Technology devices situated 5-10 mm distance from skin.

   Bioptron (Switzerland) is another good example of efficient light treatments. Firstly, it is a completely different concept to LED devices: it's a source of polarized light similar to lasers. Thus, in Bioptron's case, close proximity of a light source to the skin is not as important like for LED devices.

   Other Bioptron benefits include:
-Affordability (Costs times less than  LED devices).
-No ongoing treatments costs

-Compact and ergonomic design
But most importantly, to change the colour filter (let's say from Blue to Red), it takes just a few seconds (Compared to changing bulky LED panels).