Young Again LED Masking Technology

How Beauty Business Owners are running ahead of competition by making a difference to their clients lives in just 20 minutes ...


It's a fact. Nobody is arguing against it. It's not enough these days to just remain another good waxing place and try to overcome competition with a wider smile to your customers. 

- How Young Again ® is changing the Business & Profits for Beauty Business Owners…
Using a groundbreaking new technology, Young Again® offers a wealth of beauty benefits with proven results in just 20-minutes, making it a highly profitable addition to any beauty business. 
Installing a Young Again ® device gives you an instant edge over your competitors, turning your beauty business into a top market, full service beauty clinic.
This is a business investment that will quickly bring in profits and successfully add value to your business and client’s lives and appearance.

About Young Again ® LED Technology
The Young Again ® LED technology rejuvenates, repairs and hydrates skin cells,
creating younger and healthier looking cell growth in the skin. 
Using Photobiostimulation, LED light charges targeted cells to produce increased cellular energy, making the cells perform optimally.
This increases cell turn over, Cellular Activity, Collagen, Elastin, and Cell Hydration, creating more youthful looking skin cells.
The Young Again Technology® also uses Photo-eudermia to increase cell energy through
a chemical reaction. The LED allows the skin to absorb more nutrients, penetrating into
the deep layers of the skin for optimal aesthetic effects.
*** Increase profits and client services at your salon Today.
The  Young Again ® is an effective solution to ANY Beauty Business.
It ensures high profits for a low investment, making it the key tool in taking your salon to the next
level. Pain free and non invasive, the Young Again ® is easy to use, with only 20 minutes
needed for treatment time.
Being easy to clean and easy to change accessories, the LED Masking Technology  saves businesses both time and money. Its patented technology is backed by medical and scientific
research, with proven results in skin and hair rejuvenation and appearance. Don’t let
other salons pass you by – keep up to date with the latest technology in the beauty
industry. Use Young Again ®  to establish your business and become one of the leading salons
in the market!
Young Again ® 

Is the only Patented and TGA certified LED Masking technology in which the benefits of High Pressure Light are exploited at 100%

Working at a minimal distance of 5-10 mm; skin tissues receive all the energy emitted by LED without any dispersion!
Main Advantages:
  • Compact size 
  • Easy to switch between the masks (LED terminals) - compare to LED panel devices
  • Cord extends 2 m - so there is no need to move the device around. 
  • Touch screen display.
  • Easy programmable, with options of different treatments according to skin conditions.
  • Wi-Fi (allows manufacturer's  diagnostics online)