Business Solutions

'Your External Team of Marketing and Business Experts'

          A Globex Business Division 

Providers of Outsourced Marketing, Management  and Computing Solutions  for Small Businesses  and Organisations

   Business Optimization Solutions (B.O.S) is a Globex Division run by a team of seasoned marketing specialists with access to new marketing and business optimisation instruments. 

   Each client is individually addressed with marketing solutions that fit their business requirements.
Relying on our vast sales and marketing experience is uniquely positioned to deliver expert strategies through proven processes and methodologies. 

   Our Mission is to provide Innovative Services and Outsourced Marketing Solutions, that empower your business to the Advanced Stage.

⇒ We effectively strive to do things that work and seek to eliminate doing things that don't. 
⇒ We help to optimise your business, minimise risks and costs and  accelerate returns.
⇒ It's a commitment to customer's prosperity that has been a part of our mission since day one.


Cloud Software Platform

   A reliable cloud-based software platform for the use of Beauty and Health professionals.
It allows access to the User's front desk from any internet point. 
You can use PC, tablet or even a smart phone.
Assista can be easily integrated with your home website and Facebook page for online booking.
It's an advanced and versatile platform with comfortable user interface and many useful features.

Cloud Telephone Systems 
Your Remote Receptionist 

   Using new telecommunication technologies, Assista's software specialists have developed this exclusive service that allows Assista's operator to remotely perform your front-desk routine, such us: 
Answering incoming calls, making appointments, and filling out a client's data base.
Thanks to our 'Helpdesk Assistant', your staff can focus more on in-store services and sales.

Outsourced Marketing Solutions
Your Personal Marketing Assistant

   This service grants small business owners an opportunity to use outsourced marketing methods in the exact amount they need.
On the base of Assista CRM Platform our Marketing Assistant will perform efficient and professional work for you searching for new clients, sending SMS and performing E-mail marketing campaigns, whilst keeping your data bases in perfect shape.

Our Marketing Assistant will help your business to become more resilient to competition and be more reactive to market trends and directions.