Vital Energy · Vitamin · Regenerative

Specifically designed formulas saturated with Vitamins and fruit extracts to stimulate and re-activate 'low-energy' skin. The Vital Energy light 'fruity' textures is suitable for younger skin types and especially good in summer time! Vitamins stimulate the natural blood micro-circulation, revitalise the skin functions and strengthen the skin's own power of resistance.

Energy Gel Tonic

This refreshing toner optimally prepares the skin for the following skin care step (moisturizing) at the same time removing any cleansing residues, and render the skin soft and supple. Containing fruit extracts this light gel moisturizes and re-balances the skin. Directions: In the morning and the evening, apply the toner to the moist skin which has just been cleansed with Energy Cleansing Milk, and pat it gently in. Then apply the suitable moisturiser. Indication: all skin types Active ingredients: Vitamin C, Lemon fruit extract

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Energy Plus Cream

This 'airy' light texture cream is designed for intensive regeneration and simultaneous protection of the skin. Vitamins A, E and C ensure optimal protection from aggressive environmental factors. This moisturiser is excellent in combination Energy C Ampoules. With SPF 10 Directions: Apply on cleansed skin mornings and/ or evenings. Indication: pale, sallow and very dry skin Active ingredients: Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Lemon Fruit extract, corn oil, Wheat proteins, SPF 10

SKU: 3275 50 ml, 3275-75 200 ml

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Energy Set

Contains 3 Original products: Energy VitaVel Serum (30 ml) Energy Plus Cream (50 ml) Energy Eye Serum (15 ml) (BONUS)

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Energy A Cleansing Foam

A mild, gentle foaming cleanser with vitamin complex of A and E. Used daily to achieve deep cleansing results with simultaneous skin regeneration. Directions: Apply foam to damp skin, rub in briefly, then remove with water. Indication: all skin types Active ingredients: Vitamins A, E, B 5, H, Linolenic acid, Buckeye extract.

SKU: 3277 100 ml

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Energy A Face Foaming Tonic

A refreshing, alcohol-free and particularly gentle face tonic for clarifying skin complexion. Suitable for all skin types, even for sensitive ones. It's a true cocktail of vitamins promoting regulating effect on the skin moisture content and blood micro-circulation. Lends the skin a fresh,attractive appearance. Directions: ​ After cleansing, apply Face Foam Tonic on to a cotton wool pad. Dab evenly on face, neck and décolleté area. Indication:all skin types Active ingredients: Vitamins A, E, H, B5, Panthenol, Linoleic acid, Horse chestnut extract

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Energy C Ampoules

The main ingredient of this facial product is Vitamin C. Vitamin C is well known for its exceptional stimulating action. It activates the collagen synthesis, supports the resilience of the skin tissues and strengthens the body's defense forces. As an antioxidant vitamin C counteracts harmful environmental influences. The skin regains its natural elasticity and vitality. Indication: for pale, sallow, low energy skin Active ingredients: Royal jelly, Vitamin C, Hamamelis Extract.

SKU: 3272 (2 x 8 ml)

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Energy C Cream

A Vital Energy C cream making the skin visibly rejuvenated and gaining a glowing tint. Thanks to the high content of the vitamins in the formula the skin´s texture visibly improves day by day. Support skin's own defense mechanism, counteracting premature skin's aging. Directions: For best results apply Energy C Ampoule before the cream. Apply the 24-hour cream in the morning and the evening to the cleansed face and the neck until it has been absorbed. Indication: pale, sallow, low energy skin Active ingredients: Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Lemon extract, SPF 6

SKU: 3270 50 ml, 3270-70 200 ml

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Energy Cleansing Milk

This invigorating cleansing milk gently removes make-up, traces of dirt or environmental contaminants. Contains the fruit extracts in a velvety consistency, helping re-balance the skin. Directions: In the morning and the evening, apply the cleansing milk to the moistened skin, massage it in gently and remove it with plenty of water. Then tone with Energy Gel Tonic before apply the appropriate facial cream. Indication: pale, sallow, low energy skin Active ingredient: Lemon Fruit Extract

SKU: 3268 140 ml, 3268-68 500 ml

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Energy Eye Serum

A revitalising, moisturising serum to care for delicate around the eyes area. Makes the skin more resistant to signs of fatigue, with calming effect, soothes fine lines and little wrinkles. Directions: Apply in the morning and the evening to the cleansed eye area and gently massage it in. Indication: for all skin types Active ingredients: Retinol, Hamamelis, Bifida Ferment, Lysates, Lemon-fruit extract.

SKU: 3281 15 ml, 3281-81 50 ml

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Energy Vita Vel Serum

The Vita Vel Serum's main ingredient is Vitamin C (deriviated) undergoes a chemical process in the skin where it converts into pure vitamin C, which has a decongestant action and protects against free radicals. The moisturizing active ingredients provide the skin with resilience and lends it a special velvety feeling. This product is ideal for skin sensitive to the sun. Indication: for a pale, sallow, tired, dull skin Active ingredients: Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate (vitamin C), Wheat protein, Cucumber extract, Sorbitol, SPF 10

SKU: 3274 30 ml, 3274-74 50 ml

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