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The Oily Skin range reduces skin inflammation and re-balances oily skin. The highest quality ingredients and intensive moisturising complex will help to fix skin problems, normalise sebum secretion, reduce the oily shine and prevent inflammation (acne).

Gentle Enzyme Scrub-Mask

A particularly effective peel treatment with an anti-inflammatory action containing ingredients with both mechanical and enzymatic actions. Contains Papain, an enzymatic substance found in papaya, which has dual antibacterial and antioxidant effect on problem, acne-prone skin. It also helps to regulate sebum production and reduces skin thickening and unevenness, leaving oily skin perfectly prepared for the next step in treatment program. Instructions for use: Depending on the condition of your skin, apply two or three times a week after cleansing with Purity Intense Cleansing Gel. Use as required, either massaged in gently as a mechanical peel or left on as a mask for around 10-15 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly with water and finish off your treatment with either Purity Intense Toning Gel, 24-Hour Cream or Ultra-Effect Facial Fluid. Active ingredients: Beta Hydroxide™, Polyethylene (Abrasive particles), Puramex Zn, Papain, Grape seed oil.

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Purifying Gel

A purifying gel with both an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects for local application on inflamed areas. Concentrated active ingredients normalize the sebaceous glands sebum production. Works without over-drying the skin. Application: Use locally for blemishes and inflammation, together with Ultra effect or 24 Facial Care moisturizer. Indication: Oily skin with strong inflammation (acne). Active ingredients: Deo-Usnate ™, Panthenol, Allantoin, Camphor.

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Purity Intense Cleansing Gel

A gentle yet thorough cleansing gel contains moisturising Glycerine and Panthenol and purifies the skin without drying it out. Contains Salicylic acid which has an antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory action and helps soothe irritated areas of oily and combination skin. Cleansing Gel prepares the skin perfectly for the following steps in the Purity Intense treatment program. Instructions for use: Wet your face and apply daily mornings and nights, working into a generous lather and massaging in to your skin. Then rinse thoroughly with plenty of water. Indication: Oily and combination skin. Active ingredients: Salicylic acid, Panthenol

SKU: 5073 150 ml, 5073-73 500 ml

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Refreshing Toning Gel

This refreshing toning gel containing an extremely effective antimicrobial Zinc compound as well as moisturising Panthenol. Witch Hazel extract refines the pores, and Allantoin soothes red, irritated skin. This is ideal follow-on product to use after Purity Intense Cleansing Gel. It provides gentle cooling effect, combined with the astringent action. Instructions for use: Apply daily mornings and nights on wet face, massaging it in to the skin gently, then leave it to penetrate for a short while, follow up with a mask or moisturizer. Indication: Oily and combination skin Active ingredients: Puramex Zn, Panthenol, Bisabolol, Allantoin, Hamamelis

SKU: 5075 190 ml, 5075-75 500 ml

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Ultra-Effect Facial Fluid

An intensive emergency treatment product that helps to relieve skin impurities and inflammation. Facial Fluid actively regulates sebum production and has a keratolytic action. Its active ingredients combined effectively with salicylic acid and zinc help to restore the skin's natural lipid balance. Instructions for use: Use in the mornings and nights, after cleansing with Purity Intense Cleansing Gel and Refreshing Toning Gel, apply to face and massage in gently. Formulated especially for acute use on problem, oily and irritated skin. For best results, use together with Purity Intense Gentle Enzyme Scrub Mask. Also makes an ideal make-up foundation. Indication: Combination skin with a tendency to inflammation. Active ingredients: Beta Hydroxide ™ , Puramex Zn,Lavender Extract, Bisabolol, Sunflower oil, Panthenol

SKU: 5072 50 ml, 5072-72 200 ml

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