Hyaluronic³ Cleansing Mousse

A creamy cleansing foam with Hyaluronic Acid for especially mild and thorough cleansing with simultaneous moisturising. Gently removes make up residues and skin impurities. Provides protection against moisture loss. Indication: all skin types Active ingredients: Hyaluronic acid, Betaine.

SKU: 3812 100 ml, 3812-12 200 ml

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Aloe Vera Soft Cleansing Gel

This mild gel gently cleanses deep into the skin pores. Supports the natural moisture skin balance. Alcohol free. Indication: moisture-deficient skin types, also very well suited for oily-combination skin. Active ingredients: Aloe Vera, Basswood extract, Sorbitol .

SKU: 3115 200 ml, 3115-15 500 ml

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Aloe Vera Soft Cleansing Milk

A very mild cleansing milk for daily use with calming Aloe Vera extract. It removes thoroughly and carefully skin impurities and even heavy makeup at the same time refreshing and calming sensitive and irritated skin. Indication: for all dehydrated skin types. Active ingredients: Aloe Vera, Panthenol, Cornflower extract, Allantoin, Sorbitol.

SKU: 3127 200 ml, 3127-27 500 ml

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Aloe Vera Soft Moisturizing Lotion

This soft cleansing lotion ( toner) can be used in combination with other Aloe Vera skin cleansing products. Contains no alcohol and perfectly prepares the skin for the next skin-care product from the Natural Aloe Vera Range. Indication: For all types of skin, but not in cases of Couperose Active ingredients: Aloe extract, Algae, Menthol - refreshing, stimulates the blood circulation.

SKU: 3116 200 ml, 3116-16 500 ml

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Dry Skin Cleansing Milk

This mild, hydrating cleansing milk contains valuable and refreshing plant etheric oils. Indication: Suitable for all skin types. Active ingredients: Tocopherol (vitamin E) , lemon extract

SKU: 1101 200 ml, 1101-01 500 ml

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Energy A Cleansing Foam

A mild, gentle foaming cleanser with vitamin complex of A and E. Used daily to achieve deep cleansing results with simultaneous skin regeneration. Directions: Apply foam to damp skin, rub in briefly, then remove with water. Indication: all skin types Active ingredients: Vitamins A, E, B 5, H, Linolenic acid, Buckeye extract.

SKU: 3277 100 ml

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Energy Cleansing Milk

This invigorating cleansing milk gently removes make-up, traces of dirt or environmental contaminants. Contains the fruit extracts in a velvety consistency, helping re-balance the skin. Directions: In the morning and the evening, apply the cleansing milk to the moistened skin, massage it in gently and remove it with plenty of water. Then tone with Energy Gel Tonic before apply the appropriate facial cream. Indication: pale, sallow, low energy skin Active ingredient: Lemon Fruit Extract

SKU: 3268 140 ml, 3268-68 500 ml

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Golden Skin Cleansing cream

This water-soluble and rich cleansing cream contains Caviar and 24k Gold complex. It easily and quickly removes all traces of makeup and skin impurities. After cleansing the skin regains pleasant, clean and relaxed feeling. Directions: Use in the morning and at night, apply to face and neck and rub in with circular movements. Remove the residues with plenty of warm water and moist pads. For better results, tone the skin with Golden Skin Caviar Skin Lotion, thus optimally preparing the skin for the next step in daily facial procedure. Indication: for all skin types Active ingredients: Caviar, Gold, Witch Hazel extract, Honey.

SKU: 3290 140 ml, 3290-90 500 ml

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Hyaluronic³ Cleansing Set

An innovative, new form of efficient and deep-pores facial cleansing. The electric brush is extremely gentle yet provides intensive action to remove impurities and exfoliates the skin. Delivers thorough cleansing, making skin radiantly soft and smooth. Contains: Ref. 3812 Hyaluronic Cleansing Mousse Ref. 3813 Hyaluronic Tonic Mousse Electric Facial Cleansing Brush

SKU: 3814

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Purifying Gel

A purifying gel with both an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects for local application on inflamed areas. Concentrated active ingredients normalize the sebaceous glands sebum production. Works without over-drying the skin. Application: Use locally for blemishes and inflammation, together with Ultra effect or 24 Facial Care moisturizer. Indication: Oily skin with strong inflammation (acne). Active ingredients: Deo-Usnate ™, Panthenol, Allantoin, Camphor.

SKU: 5076 50ml

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