Energy Set

Contains 3 Original products: Energy VitaVel Serum (30 ml) Energy Plus Cream (50 ml) Energy Eye Serum (15 ml) (BONUS)

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Hyaluronic Face Care Set

Luxuriously formulated skin care products with hyaluronic acid for immediately visible results and long-lasting lifting effect. The set consists of two original products: - Day & Night Serum This highly active care serum with hyaluronic acid and Quicklift™ delivers a plumping and smoothing effect. In an intelligent multi-stage system hyaluronic acid replenishes the skin´s own moisture supply. - Day & Night Cream An intensively hydrating cream for day and night use. Triple active hyaluronic acid complex work in an intelligent multi-stage system providing continuous release of hyaluronic acid into various layers of the upper epidermis.

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Hyaluronic³ Cleansing Set

An innovative, new form of efficient and deep-pores facial cleansing. The electric brush is extremely gentle yet provides intensive action to remove impurities and exfoliates the skin. Delivers thorough cleansing, making skin radiantly soft and smooth. Contains: Ref. 3812 Hyaluronic Cleansing Mousse Ref. 3813 Hyaluronic Tonic Mousse Electric Facial Cleansing Brush

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Hyaluronic³ Eye Care Set

This innovative concept will enable to visibly perfect the appearance of the eye area in just one month time! Two skincare products complement each other in synergy with LED Light therapy and Micro-massage to maximize application efficiency and increase the wrinkle filling and structuring effect many times over! This one-month treatment is divided into two application steps by 14 days each.

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Sensiplus Set

A particularly flattering set of products, which protect and encases irritated skin like a veil. Thus the natural balance of the skin is recovered. The set contains 3 Original products: 1204 Eye Cream 30 ml 1202 Day and Night Cream 50 ml 1205 Essential Serum 30 ml

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Skinvision Facial Set

Intensively corrective luxury care set of products with rejuvenating stem cell complexes, deeply-penetrating lifting peptides and platinum, the world´s most precious metal. The set contains 2 original products and 2 x 5 ml samples in one gift box: 1 x Day & Night Serum 30 ml 1 x Day Cream 50 ml --- Bonus--- 1 x Night Cream 5 ml 1 x Eye Cream 5 ml

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