Luxury treatment for the Most Demanding Customers
    Stem-cells and peptides face-lift treatment​
    Triple moisturising effect for all skin types requiring intense moisturising
    Anti Wrinkle · Anti Ageing Treatment
    Treatment for Dry, Sun Damaged Skin
    Oily · Acne Skin Treatment
    Vitamin Boost Treatment
    Treatment for Sensitive skin
    Couperose and Rosacea treatment

Professional Skin Care. Designed for the use of professional cosmetologists,
this category of skin care requires a special approach.
​Numerous bottles, tubes, jars and vials contain inside extraordinary strength and in good hands allow to achieve
instant results with prolonged effect. 
Professional skin care, unlike mass-market cosmetics not only provides daily care, but also eliminates the aesthetic problems of the skin; even such difficult ones as acne, hyper-pigmentation, and age-related skin changes.

Firstly, beauty therapist examine the skin and identify the cause of a problem.
The second stage addresses which active ingredients, in what quantities, forms and combinations will lead to quick and long lasting results. The concentrations of active ingredients in our products are high enough to achieve quick results, but not excessive, in order not to "overload" the skin's immune system. 

In order to achieve maximum compatibility with the skin and avoid side effects, our production team responsibly approaching 
the search of raw materials, processing methods and choose the most natural and safe ones.
Être Belle develops its own formulas, and implements special delivery systems allowing to bring molecules of active ingredients deeper into the skin. Here is the analogy with an arrow striking the target right in the center. 

The true results are only possible thanks to the collaborative work of our experts from the different fields:
Dermatologists, Pharmacologists, Biochemists and Cosmetologists.

Indeed, successful development, testing and production of Être Belle products have become possible due to the consolidated basis of our research laboratories and state of the art production facilities located in South West Germany
- right in the centre of the European Beauty Industry. 


The variety of our professional products and treatments allows the beauty therapist to optimise and enhance effectiveness of individual products - they are the real know-how and the strength of ​Être Belle.

Developed exclusively for beauty professionals, Être Belle Beauty System offers a complete facial treatment program and guarantee a targeted answer for each skin care concern.   

Our product formulas combine highly concentrated, active ingredients with specific textures delivering immediate
and long-lasting results.

Être Belle's facial treatments program is the optimal way to develop customers loyalty and confirm brand performance.​

Dry Skin · Moisturizing · Cooling · Relaxing    

Dry Skin Essentials 

      Dry, Dehydrated Skin 

This treatment is designed for thin, dry skin, prone to irritation.
The active ingredients soothe, restore the skin's lipid coat and increase its natural hydration.
Supported by home use products and used daily  this treatment slows down premature aging of the dry skin.

► Moisturizing - Cooling - Relaxing

Moisturizing and soothing
Sensitive, allergic skin
Dry, irritated skin

45 MIN 


Restores the lipid coat
Reduces skin irritation and tension


- Hyaluronic acid: keeps the moisture in the skin
- Lecithin: basis for the liposomes
- Phyto-liposomes: vegetable ingredients within the liposomes
- Wheat-germ oil: contains Vitamins A,B,E,F tightens  the skin
- N.M.F.   Natural moisturising factor
- Beeswax: keeps the moisture in the skin,
- Allantoin:  Calming, antiseptic, improves the healing  process of the injured skin.
- Nicotinic acid: improves the circulation of the blood
- Rosemary oil:  Disinfects
- Linolic acid: present in many fats,  used often against eczemas and scaly skin.
- Collagen: moistures , softens the skin
- Urea: antibacterial, moisturising effect

1101 Face Cleansing Milk 500 ml
1102 Moisturizing Lotion 500 ml
3104 Mild Face Peeling 200 ml
3125 Vitamin Massage Cream 200 ml
4032 Moisturizing  Ampoules 10 x 1,5 ml
1105 Collagen Cream Mask 200 ml 
</> 3138 Moisturizing Mask 200 ml
3101 Eye Contour Cream 50 ml
3123 Aloe Vera Thymus Cream 200 ml
</> 3114 Aloe Vera Carotene Cream 200 ml

Aloe Vera · Irritated · Damaged skin · Natural and Healing   


Dry, Irritated, Sun Damaged Skin 

Aloe Vera treatment is designed for all skin types in particular need of alleviating irritation.
The active ingredients enhance the natural defense system of the skin, moisturize, nourish, as well as stabilize skin's pH level. 

► Moisturizing · Soothing

Moisturizing and soothing
Sensitive, allergic skin
Dry, irritated skin

45 MIN 

Moisturizes, Soothes
Restores the skin's lipid film
Reduces skin irritation and tension


Aloe Vera  Contains :
Minerals, Enzymes,  Polysaccharides, Amino-acids, essential fatty acids and Vitamins.

The Effects of Aloe Vera: 
moisturising, regenerative, natural UV protector, treat sunburns, improves blood micro-circulation,  anti inflammatory, antibiotic, astringent with keratolytic effect due to high content of enzymes.

- Panthenol: protects from radiation,  calms the skin
- Cornflower extract:  calms the skin, anti-inflammatory effect
- Allantoin: calms the skin
- Lime-blossom extract: calms the skin, stabilises the immune system, astringent.
- Liposomes: transport system for active ingredients into the skin
- Elastin:   ensures the firmness of the skin muscle tissue.  Lack of Elastin shows up as a  slackening of the skin and formation of wrinkles.
- Thymus extract: activates the renewal of  the cellular system of the skin.

3127 Aloe Vera Soft Cleansing Milk 500 ml
3115 Aloe Vera Soft Cleansing Gel 500 ml
3116 Soft Moisturizing Lotion 500 ml
3104 Mild Face Peeling 200 ml
</> 3109-09 Enzyme powder mask 100 g
3138 Moisturising mask 200 ml
</> 1105 Collagen mask 200 ml
3122 Aloe Vera  Moisturizing Gel with Liposomes  200ml
3101 Aloe Vera Eye Contour Cream 20 ml 
3123 Aloe Vera Thymus revitalizing Cream 200 ml
3128 Aloe Vera Light Day Cream 200 ml 
3114 Aloe Vera Carotene Cream 200 ml

Purity Intense · Oily Skin · Anti inflammatory  

Purity Intense 

Oily, Acne Skin

This treatment is designed for oily - acne  skin, requiring intensive care. After treatment visible signs of reduction of  inflammation and overproduction of sebum.
Recommended to treat ongoing acne problems.
 ⇒ Purity Intense Range contains no parabens, mineral oil,  silicone or fragrance.

► Anti Inflammatory · Calming · Protecting​​


Oily - Acne
Blackheads, enlarged pores, papules, pustules
Overproduction of sebum (especially in the T zone )
Disorders and inflammatory keratosis
Problematic,  thickened skin.

45 MIN 


Cleanses and tightens the pores
Antibacterial and antiseptic effect
Matifies  and normalises the skin (reduces the secretion of sebum)
Reduces inflammation, speeds up healing
Prevents  the formation of inflammation
Softens the stratum corneum
Keratolytic - thins the skin on and around the lesions


- Panthenol: has good moisture retaining properties and promotes skin regeneration.
- Pyramex Zn: Effective antimicrobial and antiseptic Zinc compound effectively supports the sebum regulation
- Bisabolol: with antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effect, quick remedy for skin irritation, skin-soothing properties and stimulation of the cells. 
- Allantoin: Anti-inflammatory, mild-antiseptic · Speeds up the healing process. Has strong anti-irritant properties.
- Deo-Usnate:  Ingredient complex with beard lichen extract. Especially  intensive antibacterial effect for blemished skin, very well suited for acne skin.
- Hamamelis: a plant, distinguished mainly by its astringent effect and contributes to a promotion of blood micro -circulation and fresh skin  complexion, reduces and counteracts blemishes.
- Sulfur: has highly effective effect on overproduction of skin sebum (seborrhea).  Acts as keratolytic chemical and ideally suited for impure, oily  skin treatments to reduce the excess of sebum.
- Witch hazel: a plant with astringent, toning and anti-inflammatory properties.

Purity Intense Manual

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5073 Purifying Cleansing Gel  500 ml
5075 Refreshing Tonic Gel  500 ml  
5074  Enzym peeling mask 200 ml
4071 SK-10 Ampoule
3122 Aloe Vera Ultra Moisturizing Gel 200 ml
3504  Anti Acne Peel off Mask 30 g
</> 4018 Mask with Kaolin 200 ml
</> 3503  Sea Mud-Purifying Peel Off Mask 30 g 

3106 Eye Contour Gel with  Liposomes 50 ml 
5071 24-hour Facial Care Cream 200 ml
5072 Ultra-Effect Facial Fluid 200 ml
5076 Purifying Gel 50 ml (applied locally)

SensiPlus · Sensitive Skin · Calming · Balancing · Protecting 


Sensitive, Irritated Skin

This treatment is designed for skin with hyperkeratosis of the epidermis associated with a feeling of tension and irritation. Sensiplus products do not contain preservatives, mineral oils and dyes to eliminate the risk of allergies.
The active ingredients soothe any irritation and restore the skin's natural balance while promoting natural protective function.

► Calming · Balancing · Protecting


Reddened, irritated skin
Atopic, allergic skin

45 MIN 

Reduces skin irritation and tension
Reduces redness and skin sensitivity
Restores and strengthens the skin protective coat
Supports cell regeneration 
Increases skins’ resistance level to adverse environmental conditions


- Defensil:  harmonises and stabilises the skin`s natural functions, lessens reddening and irritations, protects the skin's barrier system  antioxidant   
- Baobab Oil: precious oil from the 'tree of life', contains valuable essential oils, rich in essential fatty acids, soothing
- Hydroviton: mixture of amino-acids  + Sodium Lactate + Sorbitol (regulating the skin’s moisture content )
- Pentavitin: a vegetable-based moisture regulator ( Glucose)  - stores moisture and helps to stop itching, soothes rough skin
- Silk Proteins: moisturising, penetrate into deep skin layers, act as little sponges and can store moisture up to 300 times of its own weight, soothing with UV protection.
- White Tea Extract: antioxidant, stabilises the skin’s own immune system, protects against environmental pollutants
- Ceramides: help the skin to store moisture, support the ability to protect the upper layers of the skin, counteract  the formation of little creases. 
- Squalane: a low-viscosity, transparent oil derived from olives preserves the hydro-lipid skin layer, supports the skin ability to store its own moisture reserves. ​


Sensiplus Manual

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1200 Sensiplus Cleansing Milk 500 ml
1201 Sensiplus Gel Tonic 500 ml
3104 Mild Face Peeling 200 ml
3109 Enzyme powder mask 100 g
1205 Sensiplus Essential Serum 50 ml
1203 Sensiplus Relax Cream Mask 200 ml
1207 Sensiplus Massage Cream 200 ml
1202 Sensiplus Day & Night Cream 200 ml
1204 Hydrasilk Eye Cream 30 ml

Vital Energy · Vitamin · Stimulating · Regenerative 

Vital Energy

All Skin Types in Need of Regeneration 

This treatment is designed for skin that requires nourishment. Thanks to the high content of vitamins, this treatment is specifically recommended for pale, sallow, low energy skin in need of regeneration.
Fruit extracts of Grapes, Papaya, Pineapple, Passion fruit and Complex of vitamins A, C, E act against free radicals and increase skin's moisture level. 
The active substances also have protective effect, stimulate collagen production, blood microcirculation and regenerate natural skin balance.

► Boosting  · Refreshing · Invigorating

Dull, tired, sallow skin 
Skin requiring nutrition and oxygen
Dry skin with a tendency to flake off
Sun Damaged Skin

45 MIN 


Restores the skin a fresh look and balance
Makes visibly radiant skin
Soothes and firms the skin
Supplies nutrition and oxygen
Provides Anti-radical protection
Stimulates blood microcirculation
Refreshing and invigorating


- Lemon Fruit Extract: contains high proportion of vitamin C
- Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid):  turns into pure vitamin C in contact with Magnesium Phosphate. Stable in cream basis, has regenerative effect through activation of collagen-synthesis. Protects  from free radicals.
- Vitamin E (Tocopherol):  the fat-soluble vitamin, present in all vegetable oils and fats with good moisturising properties.
It causes a  positive effect on fine lines and wrinkles, as well as on the skin structure, protects against negative environmental conditions.
- Hamamelis: a plant extract, distinguished mainly by its astringent effect, contributes to promotion of blood micro -circulation and fresh skin complexion, reduces and counteracts blemishes.
- Hydroviton ® 24: a liquid moisturizing factor, consisting of mixture of amino acids, urea, sodium lactate, sorbitol, and allantoin, also has regulative effect on water content in the intercellular skin matrix .

Vitamin Energy Treatment

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3268 Energy Cleansing Milk 500 ml
3269 Energy Gel Tonic 500 ml
3104 Mild Face Peeling 200 ml 
3274 Energy Vita Vel Serum 50 ml
</> 3272 Energy C Ampoule 2 x 8 ml  
3125 Vitamin Massage Cream 200 ml
</> 3283 Energy C Mousse 30 g
3502 Acerola Vitamin Powder Mask 30 g
</> 3564 Vitamin C Hydro-Gel Mask 5 Ct.
3270 Energy C Cream 200 ml 
3275 Energy Plus Cream A+E+C 200 ml 
3276 Green Energy Cream 200 ml 
3281 Energy Eye Serum 50 ml

Golden Skin · Luxury · Mature Skin


Luxury treatment for 
    Most Demanding  Customers

Gold has a positive effect on the skin to increase energy and vitality. It's an interesting fact that Gold has remarkable capability to bind significant amount of moisture.
Gold is a perfect catalyst providing extra oxygen supply to the skin.
​In addition, when applied on the skin, Gold creates special optical reflection effect, making the skin look younger, hiding fine lines and wrinkles.

► Precious · Elegant · Luxury


The treatment is designed for mature, withering skin in need of rejuvenation.
1 hour 


Mitigates the signs of aging, smoothers out wrinkles.
Increases skin elasticity and firmness.
Rejuvenating and hydrating.
Restoring skin radiance, providing UV  protection
  • Helps to firm, tighten and lift the skin
  • Instantly improves the skin texture and appearance
  • Visible reduction of wrinkles and fine lines


- 24 karat natural Gold
- Caviar Extract: comprising all the wealth of sea-life in concentrated form. Caviar is rich in trace elements, minerals, vitamins, lipids and proteins.  It stimulates cell metabolism and improves the hydration content of the skin, stimulates communication between the cells and thus enhances the skin’s own repair mechanism.
- Immucell: an oligo-peptide extracted from yeast. It effects intense cell regeneration, stimulates the skin’s own immune system and thus protects against the negative
environmental effects.
- Arginin: a natural amino-acid with alkaline properties - stabilises the pH value of the skin. 
- Dermaxyl: stimulates inter-cell communication, improving skin  regeneration and collagen synthesis.
- Matrixyl: a peptide that promotes collagen synthesis .
In vitro tests have shown stimulation of collagen synthesis three times higher compare to Vitamin C. 


Golden Skin Manual

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3290 Golden Skin Cleansing Cream 500 ml
3291 Golden Skin Toning Lotion  500 ml
3109 Enzym Peel off powder mask 100 g
3506 Revitalising Peel-Off Mask (1sachet x 30 g)
</> 3569 Gold Hydro-Gel Mask ( 3 Ct.) 
3296 Golden Skin Lifting Serum 50 ml
</> 4033 Caviar-Gold Ampoules 10 x 1,5 ml
3292 Golden Skin 24 Hr Care Gel 200 ml
3293 Golden Skin Day Cream 200 ml 
3294 Golden Skin Night Cream 200 ml
3295 Golden Skin Eye Cream 50 ml

3299-99 Gold Flakes (24 karat gold)

Time Control · Anti Wrinkle · Anti Aging

Time Control

Anti · Ageing, Anti · Wrinkle Treatment 

The main purpose for this treatment is to slow down premature skin aging and rejuvenate weak skin with visible signs of ageing.

Time Control treatment specifically designed for dry-mature  skin with deep wrinkles and folds.
It also gives restoration of the hydrolipidic film and overall skin rejuvenation

► Regenerating · Stimulating · Tightening


Mature, whithering  skin with visible signs of wrinkles.
Thin, wispy, dry skin.

1 Hour 

Provides a lifting effect amd soothes out wrinkles
Improves skin firmness
Rejuvenates and nourishes whithering skin
Supports collagen production
Activates skin cells regeneration
Improves the elasticity of connective tissues
Optimises the skin’s capacity to retain moisture
Lends the skin a tauter, fresher appearance 
Depth of creases reduced by up to 56%
Complements anti-wrinkle skin injections 
Guarantees excellent skin toleration and visible results
Brings greater success to your clinic


- Coenzyme Q10: stimulation of cell metabolism, promotion of cell regeneration. 
- Syn-Coll ®: a complex of various peptides, which makes the skin cells initiate a comprehensive regeneration process and smooth out mimic wrinkles.  It is also targets stimulation of collagen synthesis and replenishes collagen deficit.
- Panthenol  (Pro-Vitamin B5): is a water-soluble vitamin of the B complex and a component of co-enzyme A. It is present in all living cells. Has good moisture retaining properties and promotes skin regeneration.
- Allantoin: is a urea derivative, obtained from the juice of the red Beetroot, horse chestnut  and wheat germ.
Effects: Anti-inflammatory, mild-antiseptic, speeds up the healing process, soothes stressed skin, accelerates cell formation and regeneration. It also has very strong anti-irritation properties.
- Argireline: a biotechnologically recovered substance, effects the liberation of neurotransmitters and is the opponent of Botox.
The principal action of Argireline is to relax muscles.
- Wheat Protein: extracted from wheat seeds. Characterized by a extremely high content of Vitamin E and Provitamin-A. It has an immediate face-lifting effect and protects the skin from damaging environmental influences.

Time Control

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3268 Energy Cleansing Milk 500 ml 
3268 Energy Gel Tonic 500 ml
3104 Mild Face Peeling 200 ml
</> 3109 Enzym Pell off Mask Powder 100 g
3510 Q10 Phytocomplex Serum 50 ml
</> 4036 Botosyn Lift Ampoules 10 x 1,5 ml
3507 Relax Peel-Off Mask  30 g
3530 Q10 Phytocomplex Cream 200 ml 
</> 3531 Q 10 Vital Cream 200 ml
3532 TC Eye Contour Cream 50 ml
3529 Lifting Neck Patch 10 Ct.

Hyaluronic³ · Intensive Moisturizing


Dry Skin Types 
Treatment with Triple Moisturising Effect

This active, moisturising treatment is designed for 'thirsty'  skin types requiring intense moisturising.

The treatment is based on action of hyaluronic acid in combination with instantly toning and lifting ingredients for youthful and firm looking skin.

► Hydrating - Lifting - Tightening 


Dry, dehydrated, flaky skin
Deep wrinkles
All ages 

1 Hour 


Intense skin hydration
  • Reduction in wrinkles
  • Smoothing, restoring skin firmness and elasticity
  • Immediate and long lasting lifting effect

- Hyaluronic acid: intensively hydrating with an immediate effect due to the high moisture binding power, making wrinkles plumping up from inside out. Our formula contains 3 forms of Hyaluronic acid: Long chain, Short chain and Liposome Encapsulated. 
- Serine: a non-essential amino acid. 
- Quicklift: a Xanthan polymer, based on glucose forming a firming, invisible and permeable network on the skin.
It's characterised by considerable water- binding properties.
- Eyeseryl: a synthetic  tetra peptide (a peptide consisting of 4 amino acids). It supports the production of  collagen.
- Squalan: a low-viscosity, transparent oil derived from olives and wheat germ.
- Grape seed oil: a valuable, cold-pressed oil derived from grape pips. Due to high Vitamin E content , grape seed oil is considered to be an oil with exceptional antioxidant and cell membrane-protecting properties.Also contains Vitamins A, C, minerals and trace elements.

Hyaluronic Manual

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3812 Hyaluronic Cleansing Mousse 200 ml
3813 Hyaluronic Tonic Mousse 200 ml
​3109 Enzym Peel Powder Mask 100 g
4030 Hyaluron-Filler Ampoule (1.5 ml x 10 Ct.)
</> 3802 Hyaluronic Day and Night Serum 50 ml
3803 Hyaluronic Glacier Mousse for brush massage 30 g
3806 Hyaluronic Peel off Gel Mask 200 ml
3801 Hyaluronic Day & Night Cream 200 ml 
3807 Hyaluronic Eye Cream 50 ml

Skinvision · Lifting · Tightening  



Stem Cells and Peptides Treatment

The treatment is designed for intensive skin rejuvenation with plant stem cells and new generation of peptides: Serilesine,  Platinum Matrxem Si02 and Eyeseryl.
Plant-derived Argan stem cells reactivate skin's potential to regenerate own stem cells and prolong their lifespan.
Clinical studies have confirmed the reduction of wrinkles by impressive 59% !
The skin becomes taut, smooth and radiant.
► Rejuvenating - Firming - Lifting 


Mature skin with visible signs of aging
Dry, thin skin requiring intensive regeneration​

1 hr 

After 1 day  -  Visibly radiant skin
   After 1 week - Smoothing out wrinkles 
      After 1 month - Visible rejuvenation of the skin


- Peptides: are shorter chains of amino acids promoting skin's ability to regenerate and provide deep moisturising. 
- Argan Stem Cells: extracted from fruit of the Argan tree.
Protect the skin's own stem cells. Improve cells vitality. Delay the biological cell aging. Increase the regenerative capacity of the skin cells.
- DNA Repair Complex: this complex increases DNA repair activity and protects against UV-induced skin damage. It regenerates the DNA of the cells and protects them from environmental and UV impacts.
- Eyeseryl: a synthetic  tetra-peptide (a peptide consisting of 4 amino acids). The powerful decongestive active ingredient, 
significantly reduces eye puffiness.
- Gatuline Expression: a plant-derived substance extracted from Paracress plant (grows in Amazon area). Reduces the intensity of muscle contractions, thus minimising mimic lines. An effective alternative to Botox injections .
- Grape seed oil: an exceptional antioxidant with cell membrane-protecting properties.
- Lipomoist: an extract of red algae with stabilising effect on the Elastin structure, making skin plumper and fresher.
- Platinum (Platinum Matrix-EM) peptide stimulates synthesis of collagen, reduces wrinkles, hydrates and firms the skin.
- Syn-Coll: a complex of various peptides, which makes the skin cells initiate a comprehensive regeneration process smoothing out mimic lines. 

Skinvision Manual

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3812 Hyaluronic Cleansing Foaming  Mousse  200 ml
</> 3290 Golden Skin Cleansing Cream  500 ml
3813 Hyaluronic Tonic Foaming Mousse 200 ml
</> 3291 Golden Skin Facial Tonic Lotion  500 ml
3109-09 Enzyme Powder mask 100 g
4034  Argan Stem Ampoule (1,5 ml x 10 Ct.)
3407-07 Shaker Powder Mask (1 x 30 g) 
</> 4017 Firming Effect Mask 200 ml
3406-06 Skinvision Massage Cream 100 g
3400 Skinvision Day& Night Serum 50 ml
3403 Skinvision Eye Cream 50 ml
3401 Skinvision Day Cream 100 ml


Skinvision Presentation

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Skin Therapy · Couperose · Rosacea 


Couperose ·Rosacea 

This specifically developed skin care treatment has an astringent effect on Couperose and Rosacea prone skin.
The combination of natural active ingredients increase the vascular elasticity of the fine capillary walls. The treatment has an astringent effect on blood vessels, activates the micro-circulation, thus making red patches less visible.
As result the skin becomes balanced and soothed.

* Regular treatments supported by home use products will gradually reduce the red areas.

· Treatment for red areas
· Also can be performed after pressing out skin impurities.


- Allantoin: has an anti-inflammatory effect, promotes the healing process, soothes stressed skin, accelerates cell structure and regeneration. It also has strong anti-irritation properties.
- Ivy : a plant extract with relaxing, firming and strengthening effect on the skin tissue and astringent effect on blood vessels.
- St. John's Wort: a plant, well known for its astringent and regenerating properties. 
- Centella Asiatica: a plant, stimulates the elasticity of blood vessels, purifying, wound healing, a mild antibiotic, activates the oxygen supply to the skin tissues, supports the metabolism of the cells
- Gingko Biloba: a  plant, with high content of iso-flavanoids, improves the stress resistance level of the skin.
- Hamamelis: a plant, with strong astringent effect, contributes to promotion of blood microcirculation.
- Bisabolol:  the primary fraction of essential oil extracted from chamomile with antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effect.
A quick remedy for skin irritation with skin-soothing properties and stimulation of the cells.


1200 Hydrasilk Ultra Mild Cleansing Milk  500ml
1201 Hydrasilk Gel Tonic 500 ml
3109 Enzyme masks powder 100 g
3122 Aloe Vera Ultra moisturizing Gel 200 ml
4012 Couperose Serum 15 ml
4015 Pore Refiner Serum 15 ml
4011 Couperose patches 10 Ct.
3501 Bilberry-Sensitive Face Powder Mask ( 1 x 30 g) 
4018 Kaolin Mask  200 ml 
1204 SensiPlus Eye Cream 50 ml
</> 3101 Dry- Sensitive Skin Eye Contour Cream  50 ml 
3110 Couperose Cream 200 ml



Is an essential part and the basis for Être Belle
facial treatments.
>> Under Construction
Facial Masks
Our professional - use facial masks are imperative and results-firming phase in all Être Belle’s facial treatments.
>> Under Construction


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