Remote Receptionist

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Remote Receptionist  Service 

- no more answering machines resulting in... 
- no lost appointments and business for you and your clients!

This exclusive service is available only for BOS.Soft Users.
It allows BOS.Soft Operator professionally answer User's incoming calls, make appointments and bookings for User's clients.
As an optional part of this service our team can update user's data base  -> See Marketing Assisstant 

Other words,
BOS.Soft Operator acts as "Your Own" front desk receptionist, professionally answering your incoming calls and making appointments and bookings for you!

This service enables BOS.Soft users to free up to 20% of work time and focus more on in store client services, rather than  answering phone calls and handling computer routine.


Easy access for Receptionist Service in the Exact amount for your business.
Flexibility to quickly turn the resource On / Off. 
See immediate increased revenues for your business.
Lower overhead costs  compare to the cost of hiring full time Receptionist with fixed wages and benefits costs.  

How Does It Work?

Step 1.

Sign Up for BOS- Software

Step 2.

Fill up all  your data bases, staff, rosters, products, services ....  > Use set up Wizard function.
You can get assistance from our support team at any time.
Note: we can integrate your website into your new platform,  plug in your  Facebook page...
and help you with  data migration from any other software you use.​
Step 3.

Get your own local "cloud" telephone number from us (it will be the same as any local number) with no extra costs involved for calls forwarding.
You can  have different set up options and  necessary features with us :
call waiting,  different types of greetings, even  playing advertising message while  call waiting...
                                      We can assist you with  call forwarding to your cloud number with desired delay 15 -20  sec.​
   Step 4.

   Download Assista's API   ⇔  that's a special  application which allows to connect our platforms.
   Also, it  "Hears"  your  incoming calls and allows our operator to  answer your incoming calls and do work      for you;  make  appointments and client bookings!
                                        That's it  - you are done !          
                                        Now see how to use it in two different scenarios:
Scenario 1 'Green'
You are not very busy...
Turn off  our API - put call forwarding (Remote Reception)  on Red Button ►
- that means we don't answer any of your calls -  you're taking care of your incoming calls yourself...

Scenario 2  'Red'
You are short of staff today, have one walk in client  and  haven't finished with another one, then, of cause,  telephone starts to ring - you're close to panic...

 Sounds familiar ? ....
 But now you have a Solution! - Rush for the Green Button  
Click-Open API [Remote Receptionist] ⇒  get a "Green"  signal  from Assista's operator in reply ⇔ now we are linked  and ready to take care of  your incoming calls and update appointmnets for you.  

 Now: if your telephone rings,  don't worry,  continue with your sales and services, our receptionist will  professionally take care of your incoming calls in your business name and will make appointments and bookings for you!  
Just look over the shoulder to  see how the new appointments will pop up and change on your computer  screen!
Remote Assistant service allows your staff to free up us much us 20%  of work time and increase amount of sales and services in corresponding dollar $  amount!

 [Message Box] allows promt messages exchange  with our operator.