Beauty is like a magnet...
It attracts other people. Some aspects of beauty can be named easily, but what exactly is true beauty remains a mystery.
Our recognized notions of beauty still remain the subject to the constant change and there has never been an ideal type. 
Nature has generously endowed woman with enigmatic and unique charm. But there is something else she is able to change on her own.

Make up trends has always closely followied fashion changes and even society transformations.
The modern make up history goes  back to  the begining of the 20th century , known as  the 'Vamp 20s', followed by  the 'Starlets of the 50s',  with discovering shiny lips and glamorous lashes and in the 70s shimmered the disco queens at parties with the mirror ball lights to the bet.  
Since the begining of the 90s following the progress in science and technology revolutionized the makeup world. 
But remember...
Above all, makeup should be fun. 

Take your time to get the seductive sheen and suppleness of cosmetics products from être belle and create your day
personal look every day...

EB  © translated from German

 Lips ...
the trend to kiss lips remains unbroken, because nothing is so seductive as a sensual rouged mouth. Like many other makeup products there Lipsticks and Gloss in many textures and for different needs. 
The mouth is the most exciting thing in the face. Therefore try to create your personal new lips look  every day - sensual, natural or glamorous ,  depending on your mood!

Black mascara or dramatic eye shadows
should emphasize the eyes.
Indeed, the eye area has no real limits.
Any form, whether conjured with eye shadow, eyebrow pencil or eyeliner, you can kidnap in the different worlds.
Celebrate  eye makeup, with dizzyingly long eyelashes or sexy smoky eyes.

EB ©

Beauty Complexion begins with flawless skin. If the Foundation is correctly applied, the skin looks fine pored and smooth.
Consider your face like the canvas of an artist.
With the optimal primer, of course-easy
up perfectly opaque, make skin and makeup a unit without visible transitions.
Thanks to our exclusive textures and varied shades for every skin typ here you can 
 find the makeup that suits you!

EB ©


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