Marketing Assistant

"Your Team of External Marketing Experts"

Our Outsourced Marketing Service implements Marketing Intelligence Methods to provide small business with 
LEVERAGE to challenge the major players in the industry and get new clients. 

OMS provide your business with the following resources:

⇒ Telemarketing
⇒ SMS and E-Mailing Campaigns
⇒ Search engine optimization (SEO)
⇒ Creating Website Content 
⇒ Social Media Marketing
⇒ Marketing Research and Intelligence

This service helps our clients to be more easily found online, converting new prospects into customers using landing pages, leads nurturing and marketing metrics. 

We provide our clients with precious marketing information, prospects and as a result - new customers.
 weekly activity reports with an accurate forecast.


Get easy access for Outsourced Marketing resources in the Exact amount needed for your business.
Flexibility to quickly turn marketing resource On / Off. 
See immediate increased revenues for your business.
Lower overhead costs for deployment of outsourced marketing specialists compare to the cost of hiring full time individual with fixed wages and benefits costs.  
An outsourced professionals team brings a wider variety of opportunities compare to one person with individual contacts. ​​
BOS -Software 

Remote Receptionist 

Data Maintenance 

SMS Campaigns

E-mail Campaigns


Social Media Marketing

Package Discount:
Monthly subscription

Min 2 hrs / day

Min 2 hrs /  week

1 /month

1 /month

Monthly subscription

Min 4 h /day

Min 2h /week

1 /week

1 /week

Monthly subscription

Min 4 hrs / day

Min 2hrs /week

1 /week

1 /week

Min 2 hrs /week

Min 2hrs /week